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 Participants will receive 1 PDH.

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Bring boots, hardhat and safety glasses

Attendees are invited to a social at Loakal Branch Brewing Company following the tour.

Loakal Branch is located at 501 N Bi State Blvd, Delmar, DE 19940.

April Site Tour

"Proximity Malt Plant Tour"

33222 Bi State Blvd.

Laurel, DE 19956

Thursday, April 11th, 2024. 3 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.

This site tour is oriented to all civil engineers, industrial systems engineers, automation engineers, curious locals and beer lovers.

During this presentation, the people of Proximity Malt will provide an in-depth tour of the recently build malt facility (that utilized some of the original Laural Grain Plant infrastructure), discuss the decision to use and retrofit the existing plant, explain how the local community benefits and how their multiple grain products travel all over the country.

Weather permitting, Ryan Ward of SGI will discuss some of the geotechnical challenges/solutions during construction and how different ground improvement techniques can be applied to certain situations.

About Proximity Malt

With the success of thousands of local craft breweries, distilleries, and culinary businesses throughout North America, the legacy placement of existing malting capacity—originally built to meet the midcentury needs of large, national companies– became outdated and inefficient for the new craft-driven demand. After all, what sense does it make to source your barley hundreds of miles away, to process it in huge, nameless batches and to ship it in small batches across the country or ocean to hundreds of end-users of various types and sizes?

While multinational, commercial maltsters tweaked at the edges of innovation, a challenge and opportunity arose in the malt world from the craft movement’s explosive success: How could today’s malt industry better serve the new, craft-focused end-user?

Proximity Malt partners with customers to explore malt’s flavor and functionality in new ways, with advanced technology and premium raw materials. By sourcing our grains as locally as possible, they’ve created a sustainable, cost efficient supply chain. With a team of industry veterans leading the way, Proximity Malt defines the new generation of malt supply.

 Presented by:

Matt Musial, Proximity Malt - Maltster and Director of Quality & Safety

Matt attended graduate school at North Dakota State University where he worked in Dr. Paul Schwarz’s barley and malt lab. His subsequent 25 years in malting and brewing include brewing at The Stroh Brewery Company, Anheuser-Busch and Boston Beer Company. He joined Proximity Malt in 2017 where he remains focused on the continuous improvement of Proximity’s Quality & Safety processes along with providing the technical support to customers. He is a member of both MBAA and ASBC.

Ryan Ward P.E., Stable Ground In-Situ (SGI) - Principal

Ryan is a civil and geotechnical engineer who served as both Staff Engineer and Project Level Engineer at Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates from 2014 to 2021 before starting his own company, Stable Ground In-Situ. His 10 years of experience includes advanced in-situ testing, settlement estimation and bearing capacity evaluations for an array of commercial, governmental, industrial, and residential projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Ryan received a Bachelor of Science in mining engineering from Virginia Tech in 2013 and completed a Master of Science in engineering with a geostructural emphasis in 2019 from University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Parking is available onsite. Park anywhere along the side of the driveway so trucks can get by